Share Data between
Zendesk and JIRA

IntegrateCloud automatically shares data
between Zendesk and JIRA to save you time.
Easily customize field mapping between both
to fit your workflow.

  • Fully Customizable

  • Seamless Integration

  • Increase Productivity

Integratecloud helps connecting Zendesk and JIRA in few minute setup and remove the pain of manually copying the Zendesk Support ticket information into JIRA. Interconnecting JIRA and Zendesk through the Integratecloud app, is only a few clicks away by.

How It Works

Easily escalate any Zendesk ticket to a JIRA issue. When ticket information or issue
status is changed, those updates are instantly synced into the other system.

Getting started is easy:
  1. 1 Sign up
  2. 2 Install the IntegrateCloud app for Zendesk
  3. 3 Input Zendesk credentials
  4. 4 Input Atlassian JIRA credentials
  5. 5 Create JIRA Issue

Seamless Syncing of Data

Data automation is seamless, instant, and exactly the way you want it

Create Issue

Create new JIRA issues from within
Zendesk with just a few clicks.

Link Issue

Link an existing Zendesk ticket to
one or multiple JIRA issues.


Notifications sync to the comments
log within both JIRA and Zendesk.

  • Bidirectional syncing of data
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Works with all versions of JIRA

Customer Testimonials

From the Atlassian Marketplace

"IntegrateCloud solution for
connecting JIRA and Zendesk is the
way to go. The team at
IntegrateCloud all are very
responsive and worked with us
closely to meet all our requirements.
We are live with the integration and
it's working for us nicely!"

Benjamin Baghdadi

"We too looked at several different solutions for integrating Jira On Demand and Zendesk, and IntegrateCloud was the most comprehensive solution available. The Zendesk team actually recommeded that we use them for what we needed."

Barbara Scarlette

"IntegrateCloud was just what we were looking for as we are using JIRA on-premise and wanted to sync escalated tickets from Zendesk ... If you're running Zendesk and JIRA in your organization, I'd highly recommend looking at IntegrateCloud as a means of easily tracking tickets across the two systems."

Brian Fitzpatrick

"IntegrateCloud was one of the best fit to fulfill our business requirements, Zendesk & JIRA integration works great for us. Even the service and support was extremely satisfying during the implementation phase; though we had some glitches during field mapping and data migration, the support and fix was much swifter than expected. I would certainly recommend to try IntegrateCloud, as this is one of the best possible solution available for integration."

Vinay K

"This tool has made our days so much more efficient. A business is always talking about scaling and this tool makes it happen. We have saved much time with the quality of data we receive with this integration. Sending tickets from Zendesk to JIRA is so much more effective."

Nipul Roy

Fill the Gap Between Support and Engineering

with instant, bidirectional syncing between
Zendesk and JIRA