Connect Zendesk and JIRA using

Zendesk JIRA

Lets take a look at a Support Manager’s ideal work day Zendesk JIRA — There are ’n’ number of tickets raised in a company everyday & as a Support Manager you have to go through all the tickets, prioritize the tickets, assign them to the agent correctly for the best resolution. Zendesk JIRA. This is one of the daily task.

Zendesk JIRA Support Manager is also responsible to initiate a process to integrate support software with other systems & one of the important ones is JIRA. Why JIRA is important? The reason its important since your Product/Operations/Engineering teams work in Zendesk JIRA on all the issues/bugs reported by your customers.

Now you will ask why not have JIRA team communicate with Customers? Zendesk JIRA That can be done but allowing your JIRA team to communicate with Customers is scary. The reason is your product/engineering team is more suited to communicate on technical stuff among internal team members rather than communicating with your customers. Also giving the product team an extra burden of managing communication with Customers will shift the focus from day to day handling of bugs to support your customers.

Zendesk JIRA

Currently we run a product called which helps connecting Zendesk and JIRA in few minute setup and remove the pain of manually copying the Zendesk Support ticket information into JIRA. We have quite a few large and medium size businesses use our software from Denmark, Norway, UK, Australia, SFO, New York, Atlanta , Poland.

Zendesk JIRA

This is how we do it:

Install the Zendesk JIRA App

Create a Seamless connection between Zendesk and JIRA

Zendesk JIRA

Escalating Zendesk Ticket to JIRA using Integratecloud App

Once the bug is created it does not end there.Some of our customers wants their ZD agents and JIRA teams wants constantly communicate with their JIRA teams and vice versa.So for example once the bug is raised in JIRA the agent wants to know whats the status on the bug so with integratecloud the user will add an internalnote with a tag @JIRA and submit the internal note in Zendesk.The IntegrateCloud engine will automatically parse the tag @JIRA and then send that comment to JIRA.See this below gif :-

Create a Seamless connection between Zendesk and JIRA

Connecting Zendesk Ticket to existing JIRA ticket

Now if the JIRA team wants to send an JIRA comment into Zendesk as an Internal note then they can do the following

We also have scenarios where some customers want to populate certain custom fields in Zendesk and JIRA so that it shows in reports.The comman case is like all the JIRA fields like Fix version’s,JIRA status should be populated back in Zendesk and we also solve the same using Integratecloud

For setup please refer to the following steps:

Sign up at integratecloud , enter your Zendesk and JIRA credentials and install the Zendesk App and you are good to go.